Warp drive in the Drone

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June 15, 2016
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June 22, 2016

Warp drive in the Drone

This image shows a ship powered by a warp engine travels through the space-time fabric.


However, there is a theoretical form of superluminal propulsion called warp drive (push curvature), which would propel a  drone  space at a rate equivalent to several multiples of the speed of light, while the problems associated with the relativistic dilation avoided weather. The operation of this type of propulsion is to bend or distort space-time, so allowing the ship “closer” to the destination.

In 2006 the British engineer Roger Shawyer think the engine called  emdrive, which does not burn any conventional fuel to generate momentum, but simply transforms electricity into microwave pulse moving inside a tank. The operation of said engine was confirmed by a group of Chinese scientists in 2008 and later NASA has returned to validate its operation after several experiments . The momentum generated by a emdrive engine depends exclusively on the electric power applied to it. A motor 100 watt generate only 50 micronewtons pulse, but powered by a nuclear generator between 1 and 100 megawatts engine completely revolutionize space travel.

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