The No Drones Protest Movement. What Do You Think?

March 21, 2016
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April 8, 2016

The No Drones Protest Movement. What Do You Think?

You’ve seen them in the news, on twitter, or even on your favorite drone related message board 😉 — but what do you think about their ideas and philosophy when it comes to civilian droning? Do you agree with them? Do you think they are misguided?

The vast majority of the No Drones protest movement is all about drones of war. That is, drones being used to conduct surveillance and attacks on enemies of the United States and some other foreign countries. However, there is a growing segment within the movement that is actively protesting drone usage on American soil.

Usage by local government agencies like the police, and state/municipal land survey and mapping organizations along with federal agencies like the CIA, FBI, and homeland security are increasingly using drones to monitor U.S. citizens. But No Drones would use another word. They call it spying.

If you check out that twitter account I linked to above you’ll see that this grassroots movement is quickly picking up steam. That head main account is the sort of information hub for No Drones accounts for every state like No Drones Illinois, No Drones Florida, etc. With the recent FAA announcement about pending rule changes for UAVs, this issue is only going to garner more attention in the media over the next two years.

Is this the next great debate in the United States and the world? Or will this movement quickly fade after they exact a few pounds of flesh via new FAA rules and guidelines?

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