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December 9, 2016


This article aims to put their hands on a simulator manned aircraft not based on the technique “Software in The Loop”.

A simulation “Software In The Loop” is a state machine that can test the behavior of the system to any input or external event, ensuring that the output corresponds to the previously designed.

SITL This simulator will allow you to have a test platform which can simulate UAVs based on autopilot ArduPilot. With this simulator you can test different types of aircraft, both airplanes as multirotores, based firmwares and arducopter arduplane respectively.

Thanks to this environment provides a complete simulation of an unmanned aerial system (UAS for its acronym in English) may verifying, To plan tasks, manage faults and perform subsequent validation.

In the next picture scheme SITL architecture simulator is as follows:


  1. Download the virtual machine on which the SITL simulation run.  !29dz3SBY!rNLtiRghJqSH_V179mB6dkAuZGySPE5dsxnYv5xhwvY (user password “1263262”).
  2. Unzip the file Multi_rotor_1.rar the location where you want to place the virtual machine.
  3. Download and install VirtualBox. 4.3.26-98988-Win.exe
  4. Download and install the software planning and monitoring Mission Planner.
  5. Start VirtualBox and add the virtual machine downloaded.
  6. Taking a virtual machine.
  7. Launch a terminal window by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T keys.
  8. Find the IP VirtualBox assigned to the virtual machine by typing in the terminal the “command ifconfig”.
  9. Now we are ready to start the simulation of our drone with the Mavproxy software. For this example we will select an airplane, so to launch the simulation we will open another terminal window and write “command ./” if you want to simulate a Multirotor it must use the “./” command. After writing the command we are asked if you want to reset the parameters, in this example we will respond by typing “n “.
  10. Now we launch the Mission Planner software previously installed on your computer.
  11. After opening the Mission Planner, we dirigimos the area connecting the upper right corner and choose the connection protocol TCP and press the button Connect .
  12. Then we introduce the IP that we obtained in step 8 and then the port number 5763.
  13. By entering the port number and hit the OK button, the connection will be established between the virtual machine and the Mission Planner and we should show the following screen:
  14. At this time the drone is in manual mode and armed flight. To test flight before we send a signal simulating an increased level of ” throttle stick”. For this we go to the virtual machine and headed to the terminal opened in step 9 and type “rc March 1375”. By doing this we will notice in the Mission Planner as the drone starts flying. To control the flight we will use the option “V guided uelo” right – clicking on the map in the position where we want the drone fly and then selecting the “Flying here , ” then we indicate the height at which we the drone fly.

This concludes the first part of this tutorial. To stop the simulation must first disconnect the connection established at the Mission Planner giving the “Disconnect” button and then the virtual machine will open the terminal in step 9 and press Ctrl + C to end the simulation. After this and we can turn off the virtual machine.

In the coming days I’ll upload the second part of this tutorial, where I explain how to plan missions for the drone then performed automatically. Unlike this, the next delivers a drone Multi rotor be simulated.

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