Pilot Requirements For Drone Race

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July 19, 2016
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August 8, 2016

Pilot Requirements For Drone Race

A pilot’s demo video will be required to be submitted with registration to verify the skill level and ability for review by Drone Wars officials. Officials may hold the right to decline a pilot’s request for entry. Declined entries will be determined with the best interests of all competing pilots.

– Headshot photo of each pilot is required to be submitted. The photo will be displayed on monitors with the pilot’s name and basic information during the heat he or she is participating in.

– Pilots and volunteers are required to keep a flashlight on his or herself for the duration of the event.

– The Drone Wars Pilot Exclusive T-shirt must be worn for the duration of the event. This will help to set-apart pilots from staff and volunteers and will help to showcase pilots as the stars of the event.

– Alcoholic consumption by any pilot on the day of the event at any time prior to or during the operation of any drone will not be allowed or tolerated by Drone Wars. Alcohol may only be consumed after a pilot will no longer be operating a drone on or at the premises of the Drone Wars event.

50 Ft Ceiling

There is a ceiling of 50 feet throughout the entire event. This is applicable through all aspects including the Aerial Acrobatics. Pilots must maintain all flight under the ceiling. Flight above the ceiling will be considered a forfeit from the circuit and all flying privileges revoked for the duration of the event.

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