Pilot Monitor (Amateur and Pro Class)

April 9, 2016
Requirements To Participate in Drone Drags:
April 26, 2016

Pilot Monitor (Amateur and Pro Class)

Drone racing is in part, self-regulating in that all capable pilots will be required to act as a monitor. A monitor’s responsibilities is to mark when a drone has missed a gate or flag, accounting for a penalty.

Monitors will rotate in between events or a race he or she is participating in. A monitor’s rotation will generally come several heats after a pilot’s assigned heat, allowing a pilot to return his or her drone to the drop-zone. After returning equipment, a pilot will be required to check in at the pilot-staging area as a monitor.

The monitor will be given a clipboard and lap/penalty sheet on which to track a single pilot’s flight for the duration of the heat. Both laps and missed gates/flags will be accounted for.

While participating as a monitor, pilots will need to be attentive and keep a close eye on the racers.

Pilot Spotter

One Pilot Spotter is required for each pilot. A Pilot Spotter may also be a competitor.


Drone Wars has a limited number of volunteer positions, which are given on a first come first serve basis and intended for pilot’s family or friends. Volunteers will be rotated in order to allow each individual to participate as a spectator and enjoy the festivities. Volunteers will be given a Drone Wars Staff T-Shirt to be worn for the duration of the event. Volunteers will also receive one free meal ticket.


Volunteers will be assigned responsibilities or tasks to include:

  •        Pilot Escort
  •        Staging Table Coordinator
  •        Spotter Coordinator
  •        Finish Line Timer
  •        Drag Race host
  •        Aerial Acrobatics host
  •        Drone Inspector
  •        Security

Volunteers are required to have a flashlight on his or her person. The Drone Wars event will not end until well after sunset.

Volunteers will need to provide:

Full Name:

Email Address:

Contact Number:

Shirt Size:

First and second choice of responsibility/task (if available):

All volunteers will be needed for one last task at the end of the night. This will be our event end clean-up. This will go fairly quickly having all hands pitching in to assist.

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