Drone Wars 1 Exceeds All Expectations. A Sport is Born in Inaugural Event

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Drone Wars 1 Exceeds All Expectations. A Sport is Born in Inaugural Event

Tempe, AZ : In its inaugural event held in Tempe, June 20th, 2015, Drone Wars LLC has successfully taken the budding sport of drone racing and created both a spectator sport as well as a professional platform for explosive growth for the drone industry.

“We’re thrilled,” stated Jaime Ladman, COO of Drone Wars LLC. “It’s always exciting to be at the launch of a great new sport. We exceeded all expectations from attendance to operations, racing to broadcast. We took the nascent sport of drone racing and added the much needed professionalism necessary for rapid spectator adoption. We succeeded in moving the needle when it came to the positive role of drones in our society,” concluded Ladman.

Despite record high Arizona June temperatures, Drone Wars 1 attracted scores of attendees and 40 competitors from across the country, while providing spectators and sponsors with a veritable three-ring circus of today’s drone technology. “Our mission is to educate and entertain,” added Ladman. “We demonstrated drones’ recreational and professional possibilities, taught kids young and old to fly a drone, and thrilled the audience with competitive races and a fun immersive experience. Drone Wars 1 was our proof of concept event and we exceeded our attendance expectations. We plan on bringing bigger and better events to North America in the near future.”

Drone Wars 1 attracted a diverse audience comprised of several distinct segments which included:

  •        Families with kids
  •        Technologists
  •        Sports fans
  •        Couples/date night
  •        Competitors/teams

“Drone Wars is a fantastic vehicle for our sponsors because we’re attracting more than just hardcore enthusiasts,” stated Ron Loveall, Drone Wars President of Marketing. “We plan on expanding the reach and frequency of our messaging going forward,” said Loveall. “Hobby, energy beverage, restaurants, automotive, breweries, and wireless companies are the beginnings of the diversity of our growing sponsor partners. This is gratifying and validates our encompassing business model,” concluded Loveall.

“Drone Wars combines the close-door competition of NASCAR, the immersive sensation of today’s video games, the splendor and thrills of aerial racing, with the bone shaking sound of formula car racing,” asserted Drone Wars Executive Director, John Caldwell. “We raised the bar for the sport by creating a unified set of rules and procedures that take into consideration safety, competitiveness and the spectators’ experience.”

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