Drone Mounted Video and Photography

Drone Wars 1 Exceeds All Expectations. A Sport is Born in Inaugural Event
May 16, 2016
May 23, 2016

Drone Mounted Video and Photography

Pilots will be provided with memory cards to record video during all Drone Wars events including the drone circuit, drag racing, aerial acrobatics and night flight. Memory cards will be returned between each event a pilot participates in.

Night Display

Following the awards ceremony, you may join in on the Night Display as indicated on the registration form. The flight will include a simple coordinated multi-drone flight. The objective of this part of the event is to wow the spectators with a number of LED lit drones flying together.


All pilots and volunteers are asked to be safety monitors and help to keep an eye on everyone and yourself during the event. We want to ensure safety is a key aspect to help provide a successful and enjoyable event for all.


Drone Wars will have a number of cameras, aside from those mounted on drones, filming the attractions, pilots, volunteers, staff and spectators. Drone Wars will be sharing this content through (not limited to) a variety of media channels and the Drone Wars website.

Lost, damaged, or stolen equipment

Drone Wars is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen equipment during the event. Drone Wars encourages the containment of equipment when left in the Drop Zone so as to avoid mixing gear with one another. Labeling equipment and gear is encouraged for easy identification.

Rule Changes

Rules are subject to change. If any changes are made, pilots and volunteers will be notified via email, prior to the event.

As so many of us have had varying experiences and participated in different events, you may have a rule that you would like to see included. Please share any rules you feel are important. Provide a clear explanation and if needed a description of the scenario for which it applies. We will do our best to review for inclusion, all submitted requests.


We are welcoming a limit of 108 Drone Pilots to compete in the Drone Race circuit so register early. Participation in the Aerial Acrobatics, Night Flight Display and Drone Drags is optional but encouraged, as this will only add to the excitement and competitive nature we would like to display during the Drone Wars event. Drone Wars hosts are aerial enthusiasts ourselves and consider the pilots to be the “stars of the show.”

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the race will receive a cash prize. All pilots will receive an exclusive Drone Wars Pilot t-shirt to be worn during the event. Pilots will be able to purchase discounted tickets for up to two team mates.

Pilots will have a staging area and designated spot to place equipment. The staging area will be restricted to Pilot only access. Security will be posted at the pilot staging area at all times.

Friends, family members and additional pilot team members may volunteer to assist with a number of tasks during the event. Volunteers will receive free entry and a meal ticket. Volunteer positions are limited and will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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