Determination of Re-Entry In Amateur Class Forfeit

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October 9, 2016
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Determination of Re-Entry In Amateur Class Forfeit

Landing for any reason during a heat is considered a forfeit, but may be reviewed by officials for re-entry in a later heat. Re-entry determination will take into consideration the time needed to bring a quad-copter back to a fully operable and safe state as well as the time required before.

Automatic Forfeit ( ANY CLASS)

The following will result in an automatic forfeit:

  •        Failure to attend the pre-race briefing and check-in
  •        Failure to arrive at the pre-race designated time (4:30 pm)
  •        Not being ready for your scheduled heat
  •        Unsafe or disrespectful flight
  •        Not abiding by the rules as described in this text or unsafe actions and behaviors as determined by the Pit Director or Drone Official
  •        Powering on a drone when not in participation of an event
  •        Alcoholic consumption before or during flight

The Pit

The pit is located within the center of the course. Pilots are staged to fly each heat from within the pit. Drones will be powered on for an initial frequency test prior to beginning the race. Tables and chairs will be provided for use when repairing crashed drones. Only one Pilot Spotter per pilot will be allowed in the pit. The pit is managed by a pit director. The pit director will have full authority within the pit.

Pilot Staging Tables

Pilot staging tables will be located close to the ingress and egress of the drone race circuit. Pilots will need to check in at the Pilot Staging Tables five minutes prior to their heat. Pilots who have just completed a heat will check out at the Pilot Staging Tables. After checking out, pilots may proceed to the Drone Drop-Zone.

Drone Drop-Zone

The drop-zone is a sectioned area for pilots only. The area will provide pilots with a place to store drones and equipment. Security will be posted at the entrance to the Drop-Zone to control who has access. Team members, guests, friends, etc. will not be allowed. The Drop-Zone will have tables and chairs for repairs. Tables are shared and should not be used for extensive periods or for storage of any kind. Charging will be allowed in the Drop-zone, however we encourage pilots to bring ample batteries as the charging stations are limited. Pilots are encouraged to label your equipment for easy identification.

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